Welcome to the Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate website!


Thanks for visiting our site.  We are Santa Barbara’s only bean to bar chocolate makers, meaning we complete every step of the chocolate-making process all in our little chocolate factory in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.


If you look around here you’ll notice there is not much to check out, but don’t worry, we’re still building this site. We spend all of our time making chocolate, so we’ll be adding content and cool features when we can. 


For the time being, the necessities are here---if you came looking to eat chocolate, click “Where to buy” if you came looking to sell chocolate for people to eat, click “Wholesale Inquiries” to email and let us know.  As you might have guessed that big “F” over there isn’t a grade, but rather a clever link to our Facebook profile. Click that and please “like” us while you’re there so you can get up-to-date info and pictures regarding everything going on in the world of Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate, including updates to this web site.


That’s all for now, and please come back soon!